The Romanian writer, Orlando Baras, made a list of important Russian writers who expressed their opinions about their own people:

  • Mikhail Saltikov-Shedrin – „If I fell asleep, waking up a hundred years later, and someone were asking me what was going on in Russia, I would answer without blinking: drunkenness and robbery.”
  • Aleksei Tolstoy – „Muscovy – Russian-Mongolian taiga, brutl, robbery region”
  • F. M. Dostoevsky – “A nation that roams Europe and is looking for something to destroy, to simply dust everything. Out of ridicule”
  • Mikhail Bulgakov – „We are not a people, but cattle, rats, wild hordes of villains and murderers”
  • Maxim Gorky – „The most important sign of victory for the Russian people is their cruelty full of sadism”
  • Sergei Aksakov – „Ah, how hard it is to live in Russia, in this place full of the stench of physical and moral deception, a place of wickedness, lies and wickedness”
  • Ivan S. Turgenev – „The Russian is the biggest and most naughty liar in the world”
  • Ivan C. Shmeliov (Orthodox thinker) – „A people who hate freedom, worship slavery, love chains on their hands and feet, defiled physically and morally… ready at any time to defile everything and everywhere”
  • Aleksand Pushkin – „People regardless of their smallest duty, the smallest justice, the most insignificant truth, the people who do not recognize human dignity, do not generally recognize human freedom or free thought… Alas, how sharp the Russian language is!”
  • Vasily Rozanov – „We are not a nation, we are a crazy hell.”
  • Alexandr Blok – ”Sufletul rus chinuit n-are putere să respire și nu trebuie să zboare”
  • Zinaida Ghippius (anti-Bolshevik poet) – „Russia, a huge psychiatric hospital”


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