The testimony of a Russian soldier captured by the Ukrainians sheds some light on a bizarre decision: the withdrawal of the Russian fleet, which – although it seemed ready to attack – left the port city of Odessa and regrouped on the Crimean peninsula. The cause seems to have been a revolt of the Russian military on the warships that threatened Odessa.

On Thursday, March 10, the Russian naval warships massed around the city of Odessa, which had been in operation for several days, suddenly withdrew, although all military experts were expecting a massive bombardment aimed at the areas where the Ukrainians had built their resistance points.

The bombing of the sea was to be followed by the landing of Russian troops, with the aim of attacking the city of Odessa and by land. To everyone’s surprise, this did not happen.

„Russian warships have moved to Crimea. This indicates that they do not yet intend to land troops on the coast of the Odessa region, because they know how it will end for them „, said on Thursday Sergei Bratciuk, a representative of the Operational Headquarters of the Odessa Regional Military Administration.

The reason for the revolt of the 600 Marines

Later, the Security Service of Ukraine made public the interrogation of a Russian soldier who was taken prisoner by the Ukrainians. The prisoner talks about the extremely tense atmosphere among Russian troops. He also revealed an incident that could have caused Putin’s fleet to change plans.

The prisoner said that 600 Russian Marines revolted near Odessa and did not get off the ships, „because they understood what was happening.”

The prisoner added that the Russian army is demoralized and that it feels betrayed, because the invasion of Ukraine is not „a peacekeeping mission”, as they were originally told.

The military man claims in a filmed interrogation that the Moscow regime has resumed the practice of „death teams” – echelons of military-hunters coming after the battalions. Their goal is to shoot the Russian soldiers who are trying to desert.

Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, several Russian prisoners have stated that on departure they were told that the Ukrainians would receive them as liberators. Moreover, some of them knew that they were not going to war, but to trivial military exercises.


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