Despite Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă’s assurances to the European Socialists that the party would not get involved in the campaign, the SDP finances a “Yes” campaign in relation to the pro-family referendum. SDP leader Liviu Dragnea affirmed that the SDP will deploy an information campaign, not a pro or against argument in relation to the referendum. presents evidence of SDP involvement in the referendum campaign.

“We want Families! We want kids! We want a future! “. “A YES in the Referendum is a YES for the marriage between a man and a woman.” These are the messages of some TV spots running on some news outlets.

“The stamp for NO means that you admit the possibility of legislation granting same-sex couples the possibility to get married and adopt children,” says one of the commercials.

The two spots run on the news channels Romania TV, B1 TV and Antena 3.

According to, SDP is the customer who pays for the broadcast of those spots.

Actually, the spots bear the SDP watermark (and a code) at the bottom of the screen, an obligation for promotional materials assumed by a political group.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă assured S & D MEPs, the party group that includes the party led by Liviu Dragnea, that the SDP will not push a campaign for the October 6-7 referendum which aims to revise the Constitution to the effect of redefining the family as a marriage between a man and a woman

“It is not directed against a particular sexual orientation in any way. We shall see what will come out if they come to the vote. The Social Democratic Party will not campaign … it will not campaign … It is everyone’s duty to take action to show what this referendum means. But we will not make a campaign for a Yes or a No, “said Viorica Dăncilă, according to a recoding published on Facebook by MEP Cătălin Ivan. (Source: G4Media)

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  1. PSD-istii au fost initiatorii referendumului pentru asa zisa familie traditionala, deci mint pe fata la Bruxelles, serban nicolae a cerut 2 zile pentru referendum ca sa se poata fura in voie noaptea, asa cum face psd tot timpul, ei sunt sponsorii si cei care imping lumea cu ajutorul preotilor, care oricum nu ar trebui sa se implice in politic, spre un referendum care nu-si are nici un rost, este doar un test a lui dragnea sa-si vada baronii la treaba.
    Plus ca rezultatul poate fi contestat imediat, pentru ca, in comparatie cu ultimele alegeri din 2016 care au fost cele mai corecte datorita sistemului de vot, la asta se poate vota multiplu, asa ca sunt bani aruncati pe geam pentru absolut nimic, tipic PSD.


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